Plans For All Levels

I know everyone is starting this fitness journey from different places. Whether you’re a busy mom juggling your day job, housing and personal life or haven’t broken a sweat in years; there’s a plan for you to win.

Each option is outfitted with the tools you need to see results, according to your availability, lifestyle, goals and fitness experience.

Fat Loss

Time to reclaim your confidence back!!

This program will provide you with easy to follow exercises and guidance to improve your nutrition habits.

You will get access to videos demonstrations for all the movements or machines setups in the gym.

We'll meet bi-weekly, and you will get daily online support through my app. This is how I ensure you get the accountability you need.

We'll chat about you and what makes you tick to help you get the results you're looking for.

850 AED / £ 180

4 Weeks


Pre & Post Natal

Worried about where to start with training?

What is safe to do while pregnant?

Unsure about how much and what to eat, but don't want to gain too much weight?

Or, you just want a better experience from previous partum's.

Being a mom taught me each pregnancy is different, and I can tell you there're lots of things Google and the doctors don't tell you about.

Let me help guide you through this beautiful journey while staying fit and keeping you mobile and strong.

1,915 AED / £ 405

10 Weeks


Do you love food so much? So, do I.

The days of giving up your favourite foods or eating bland chicken, rice and broccoli are things of the past.

Understanding your body needs to gain weight, muscle mass, or create a calorie deficit to lose weight or fat is part of what you will learn with me.

You will get a simplified and flexible plan tailored to your needs and lifestyle, so you don't feel the pressure of weighing your food or feeling restricted.

Did I mention I am a chef as well? Don't worry; I will support you with delicious ideas to save your time while keeping you on track.

450 AED / £ 95

4 Weeks

Muscle Gain

Struggling to build mass?

We know strong is the new sexy, and most probably, people like you are scared of getting fat.

Or probably your main concern is to keep yourself looking feminine without getting hurt while lifting weights.

For this reason, I created this program to guide you through strength training, to shape your body, get some curves without feeling overworked.

For a complete experience, I include nutritional guidance to support your goal.

850 AED / £ 180

4 Weeks


Workout Plan

Do you feel like you're constantly guessing what to do at the gym?

One of the reasons people don't see results is the lack of planning for their workouts.

Random movements or machines paired as hit-and-miss won't allow you to progress towards your goals.

The workout plan is a tool to plan and track your workouts through my app, where you get a tailored program based on your needs and feedback for your sessions.

550 AED / £ 115

4 Weeks

Home Workout & Bundles

Home Workout

After lockdown, we learned a couple of things. Yes, you can get results working out from home, and we love the convenience of not having to commute to the gym or wait for the sweaty machine to be free to continue your routine.

Let's be realistic. Life gets very hectic at times, and we're very efficient when finding excuses to avoid working out.

Fitting that slot of movement in your schedule at the comfort of your home is priceless to balance your daily activities.

The key to having results is consistency and using a program to progress more than dropping random Instagram workouts.

That's why I created this program for you!

450 AED / £ 95

4 Weeks

Nutrition & Workout Plan

We know you can't "out-exercise" your poor eating habits. However, I also understand you're a more advanced person who needs a program to follow at the gym.

This bundle will provide you with lifestyle guidance and nutrition advice that is simple to understand and follow. Nothing is off the table. We just need to know how to balance your favorite foods with the nutrients your body needs, and you will be ready to go.

And of course, I'm pairing this guidance with your preferred training plan, where you can track your progress weekly and check the explanatory videos when in doubt of any of the movements.

You still will get my feedback and your questions answered through my app.

850 AED / £ 180

4 Weeks